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Why I wrote a book. Short and sweet.

I can say from the outset, it certainly wasn’t for money. Fame. Or specifically, a love of writing per se. But it was the desire to tell a story. I’ve always wanted to tell stories. The stories, even form my earliest memories, have continuously changed and grown. Along with me.

I remember sitting at our family’s windows 98 computer, with no internet. And I started writing something. My first real attempt. It was heavily influenced by the Legend of Zelda. It never went anywhere. I didn’t have the discipline back then. As much as I tried. As much as I wanted to.

I’ve always had two “big ideas”. Meaning two worlds I wanted to build, with who knows how many stories in each. I can’t exactly tell you what happened to that first one, heavily influenced by Zelda. It’s sort of been tabled. And sort of still alive in From Earth. I don’t expect it will ever see the light of day more than it has. It’s just something I remember fondly dreaming up as fell to sleep each night.

Like how that story has grown and changed. So has the way I go about it all. But two things have remained the same. I still look forward to dreaming up new ideas in a close to sleep state each night. And the main one. The reason I wrote the first book. Why I’m writing a second. A third. And why I can’t see any reason I would ever stop. Because I love storytelling.

There isn’t a better reason to write a book.

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