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Lord of the Rings 4K

I didn’t watch The Fellowship of the Ring in cinemas. And I regret that now.

Only now, do I truly deeply regret not seeing all three films in the cinema. I liked them at first. Started to love it. Then being the natural contrarian that I am, lost interest. Because losing interest was the best a contrarian could do after 2003, when it related to Lord of the Rings.

I should have known then; I hadn’t read the books when I was just sixteen. But I should have known from just the title.

Peter Jacksons, Lord of the Rings, is my generations Star Wars.

The Lord of the Rings, is, Peter Jackson’s magnum opus. It is so apparent now with the 4K release.

What can I say, that hasn’t been said a thousand times? Nothing.

But I can sum it up as:

Jackson’s Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece because he trusted in the flawless masterpiece it was based off. I carry on about storytelling a fair bit. But Tolkien’s work is a masterclass. From Aragorn’s perfection. To Frodo’s succumbing right at the end. And of course, Samwise the brave. There isn’t a writer alive who would compare himself. Who could write something so otherworldly, yet so relatable? So relevant after seventy years?

Peter Jackson knew that, he trusted in the source and stuck to it. Used all his skills and created the film equivalent. I’d love to believe that something as wonderful will come along again in my lifetime. But I suspect it won’t.

Yet watching the trilogy once more in 4K with 5.1 surround sound, brings back the feelings I had seeing the latter two films in the cinema for the first time. Remembering nearly being crushed waiting in line as the crowed moved forwards eager to enter the cinema. The excitement for Return

was high. It was a different time. Perhaps 2020 will be the death of cinema. Sadly, it has been coming for a time. But Jackson’s trilogy can remind you of what was. From Khazad-dûm. To the Battle of the Hornburg and Pelennor Fields. Or just watching Gandalf gallop across New Zealand on Shadowfax, listening to Howard Shore bludgeon your heart wishing to relive it again for the first time.

Do I have to keep writing? Go out and buy it. It is a masterclass in storytelling and film making. The greatest film trilogy to date. Being a Star Wars fan, it hurts me to say it. But it’s true.

I can’t help but agree with Jackson’s take on Tolkin’s work:

“It’s not the story of heroes or superheroes. It’s a story of regular people who set out to save their world.”

I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t an inspiration for me.

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