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Gold in the Global Ebook Awards

As much as I feel like a wanker for saying it, but I’m going to say it anyway. I’m now an award-winning author. Keeping it short, because you might notice I’m best at self-deprecating praise.

My first novel, From Earth won the following in the 2021 Global Ebook Awards:

Silver for Best Sci-fi

Silver for Best Cover art

Gold for Best Illustrations

Gold for Best Fantasy/Alternative History

Legacy award in the Best of category.

It’s hard for me to know what I should say. Being best at self-deprecating praise. But I feel compelled to say:

Writing a book is not easy. To be honest, it gets harder once its done. Because you’re working on the next on while trying to sell the current one. And trying to sell your book is hard. It’s your child after all. Everyone should just love it like you do, shouldn’t they? Why should you have to sell it?

But sadly, you do.

It’s why its so gratifying to receive recognition. To have someone come up to you and say: “Well done, your work was good.”

I guess that’s what awards and reviews are. Some people saying your work was good. People say awards are meaningless, I’ve said that. But it’s not meaningless. It’s someone talking about something you slaved over and saying they liked it.

It doesn’t get much better than that. If you’re storytelling. I mean really telling stories, it has nothing to do with sales or numbers of readers. It has everything to do with the story you told. And someone was just willing to shout out that they thought it was good. Who cares how many books your sold?

With that, go check out the awards I won, and the other winners. Buy my book (first) then if you want, buy the others. We all worked hard.

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