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Pipes And Prose

The ramblings of a part time author

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From Earth front cover.jpg

Follow a few thousand aliens stranded on Earth, eight-hundred years ago.


They long for the same things we do, good and bad. They struggle with 12th-century humankind and with each other about what they must or should do to survive. Throughout their lives, and across a thousand years for humanity, the consequences of their actions take a toll on themselves and the planet.


From Earth won five awards in the Global ebook awards of 2021. Including silver for “Best Sci-fi” And the Legacy award for “Best of 2021”.

About me

I spent my school years dabbling in storytelling and poetry while watching copious amounts of Star Trek and Star Wars. And read every single Animorphs book, of which I still own all.


Nowadays, I work as a plumber, (something I love almost as much as storytelling). In my spare time, I have attempts at film photography, riding motorbikes, watching a lot of Star Trek, and reading a lot of science fiction. I still dabble in a fair bit of storytelling (I always will).


From Earth, my first novel is out. If you would like to support this hobby of mine, feel free to buy it. If you would like to listen to me ramble on about Star Trek and Science fiction in general check out the blog.

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